Diplomarbeit „zwodrei“ Teil 1/4

two dimensionality and three dimensionality graphic design


My research project deals with the theme of two and three dimensionalities in design. It is structured into four segments:


• Graphically, artistically and experimentally there are a variety of different projects, which cover the fields of work during my studies. All play in different ways with the 2D and 3D theme.
• As a central collection point for this research, there is a concept and layout for an internet portal, which offers designers, artists and others the possibility to showcase their own projects. The design also follows the research theme.
• To make sure that all aspects are in a consistent design, there is a corporate design part to my research project, which states guidelines from logo usage to the color scheme. Derived from the word mark and the logo there is a „zwodrei“ corporate typeface to complement the overall identity.
• Lastly, the research project and its working process in all its details is put together as a book. The book with its two parts covers 340 pages. It describes the project segments and documents the design decisions with images and text.




it’s based on an original painting „a perfect vacuum“ by jeremy geddes.